FRAMESLINK - 3D CAD - a solution for creating frame structures

FramesLink is the leading solution for mechanical and civil engineers, which are in search of an innovative application for the design frame structures, a task known to be time-consuming and requiring many steps to complete, FramesLink helps designers to produce quality designs in record time, from simple profiles to complete frame structures fast and errorfree. The easy-to-use interface helps for creating complete frame structures, choosing the correct joint element and building up complete assemblies quick and easy.

General functionality

  • All standard round, rectangular, I, L, U, Z Profiles and others:
  • DaST
  • ISO
  • DIN
  • Italian
  • ANSI
  • TSE (Turkish)
  • Automatic snapping to profile-ends
  • Easy addition of external profiles into the system ("Custom profiles„)
  • Extendable data files for standard profiles
  • Creation of profiles on 2d and 3d lines
  • Automatic Holes and Cut-outs on existing profiles
  • Creation of profiles by pulling dynamically ("Dynamic Profiles")
  • Automatic trimming at connection points
  • Rubber parts
  • Dynamically perforated profiles
  • Automatic sharing of same parts
  • Cut the profiles as you would cut 2d lines – TRIM
  • Automatically add elbows to round profiles
  • Recognization of “Non-FramesLink” profiles
  • User definable library parts
  • Auto-copy functionality
  • Cut-Lists
  • BOM